Time After Time

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 in On Life's Important Stuff

Does it seem to you that time goes in to hyper drive when you hit the snooze button?! … which I hit every morning. 5:30A.M.

Each week day, 88.5FM blares out its feeble attempt to wake me from the deep sleep I exhausted myself into the night prior. Before I take a single breath, I blindly reach over and hit that snooze so hard my neighbors probably hear it; slowly yawn and reach the opposite direction to pet the dog, stretch a bit, and effortlessly and happily bury myself a bit further under the covers.Ten minutes later, my 32-year-old GE clock radio (is this considered endorsement?)—which looks weirdly futuristic in spite of its own brand of uber-fake wood panel-ish veneer—blares out 88.5 again. Refusing to shut up of its own accord, Petty, Dylan, Death Cab, Lucinda, et.al. belt their siren calls for me to get up and get it moving! I keep “snoozin’.”

Ten more minutes—my fourth Snooze in—my brain finally tunes in and, still buried under the covers, I peek an eye out to watch minute after minute click by. I tell myself little teasers like “… okay, it’s now 6:03. At 6:15, I’ll get up.”I close my eyes, still listening to the tunes, and, in what feels like ten measly seconds later, open my eyes to find that it’s 6:35 … what the?!

Every day, day after day, rinse and repeat.

Coffee, anyone?



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