Trade-show Banners, Fallene
Trade-show Banners
Problem: Existing trade-show banners had jumbled message, no relationship between products, and negative advertising. Completed designs, printed, shipped, and delivered to show within one week.
– Make banners 12-ft. tall. Seen from a distance, establish commonality within all product lines, design with a consistent, positive message with happy imagery.
Result: Banner height created a land-mark within trade-show hall. Booth was inviting and accessible.
Client: Fallene, LLC, Total Block

E-newsletter, Fallene/Total Block
Build design, write copy, product focus
Problem: Client was not utilizing any web-driven messages to interact with customers
Print ads covered all fifteen products, designs lacked focus, no brand consistency
Solution: Target marketing by highlighting select products.
Schedule campaigns for seasonal impact.
Off-season copy targeted benefits of year-round use.
Distribution: Constant Contact
Client: Fallene, LLC, Total Block

Web Ad, Fallene
E-ads, Six total
Placement: Trade Show’s Web Site
Purpose: Build brand awareness; ads’ design consistent with newly designed trade show booth banners
Promote product that would be the client’s highlight at trade show
Client: Fallene, LLC, Total Block