I wondered …

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The white writing on his black tee-shirt read “Club Da Da,” as in dah dah dah like a musical sound. His creativity was always subtle, always deeply present. Today, he wore the shirt as an announcement of his new title. By the end of the day, he would be a “Da Da.” All of his […]

He Said … She Said …

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An original poem by: … in the words of Miss Piggy … Moi Man: “She said she L-o-v-e-d me …” Woman: “He said he L-o-v-e-d me!” What to do Between these two Sally Sue and You-know-who. Such an unhappy state of affairs Lead by crying and dashing up and down stairs. Fussing and fighting all […]

Star Kissed

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Star Kissed

A true story of double-dog daring yourself toward change. The sun was bright. The sky was deep blue. The air was a perfect 85 degrees. Ocean waves lazily crashed along beautiful, white, sandy Pacific shores. And the “stars” were out. It was August of 1975. I was vacationing in Los Angeles with my grandmother Liz […]

Let’s All Stop Browser Beating Customers

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Internet Marketing’s Much-needed About Face   How many times have you heard, “The Internet is great for …”? Through the Internet, you can find anything you want or need. I have come to find that the Internet is increasingly becoming a two-way street—the Internet can find you, follow you around where ever you browse, perhaps […]

On Fun and Wakes and Toothbrushes

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Being “creative” usually starts off merely as having some fun. Later—sometimes much later—it becomes your passion. If you can make a living at it, all the better. Then, as my dad says, “that’s when the fun really begins, Kid.” How I cut my creative teeth? My boss needed an invitation. Not just an invitation but […]

Time After Time

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“Does it seem to you that time goes in to hyper drive when you hit the snooze button?”

On Photoshoot

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Oh! Pandora’s Box. What kind of Marketing tricks can I find in here … ?”