Strategic brand developer of products, companies, and individuals. Experienced with domestic and international strategies, including FDA compliance standards as they pertain to product imports. Naturally creative and analytically charged with an affinity for building campaigns that are fun with a direct connection to consumers.

Skilled in organizational development, project management, team direction, leadership, and meeting impossible deadlines. Ability to restructure chaos in to functionally efficient processes. Known for seeing the big picture and creating marketing strategies delivering both short- and long-term solutions.

Ever the advocate and cheerleader for the underdogs of the world, I love to help people open their worlds and exceed their wildest dreams. Who knows but, with one well thought-through campaign, that underdog would be the next overnight champion in their respective marketplace!

. International and domestic marketing
. FDA compliance specs
. Advertising and promotion campaign development and design
. Brand development and design
. Social media development and design
. Design for strategy and immersion
. Leadership and team motivation
. Trade-shows
. Sales
. Environmentally and philanthropically focused

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