He Said … She Said …

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 in On Life's Important Stuff
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Sally Sue and her You-Know-Who

An original poem by:
… in the words of Miss Piggy … Moi

“She said she L-o-v-e-d me …”

“He said he L-o-v-e-d me!”

What to do
Between these two
Sally Sue and You-know-who.

Such an unhappy state of affairs
Lead by crying and dashing up and down stairs.

Fussing and fighting all through the night
causing his cat and her dog a terrible fright.
Argue and fuss with all of their might
merely to hash over who’s wrong and who’s right.

He said
She said
and when all is said and done
Who’s won?

No one wins. No one loses
Very important there are no bruises.
No bruised eyes, no bruised marks, no bruised feelings, and no bruised hearts.

For some, love is smooth sailing, happy as Larks
For others, love is a series of fits and starts.

Where did you find love
or you or you?
Perhaps love is meant only for few.

How do we find our way down the aisle of the church
and not be left at the alter with a lurch?

Many have taken single-to-mingle classes
which got them up off their collective *sses.
Here they learn to avoid seeing love through rose-colored glasses.

Some of us have wished on stars
and used to be, we cruised for love in cars
but this only lead to trolling of bars
confirming for women that men are from Mars.

Prince William and his Kate found love in a pub.
While Scully and Mulder, loved only alien thugs.

And what of  Ms. Juliet and her Romeo
or Mr. Pitts and his (now former) Angie Joe … she’s no Friend of Jenn’s, just h- … oh, no no.

From the streets of the city
to the hills of the shire.
We chat and we wink and search love through the wire.

Some sit and stew and fret in sorrow
waiting for just one of Cupid’s sweet arrow.
This is quite the crying shame
Because … Cupid? Yeah. As if he has any aim.

Sigh …
it seems true love may be but a mere game.

Some seem to have all the dumb luck
while others keep trying and still seem quite stuck.

Love can put us in a bit of a funk
locking our hearts away in a trunk.
Baking and eating nothing but junk.
While good friends say s/he was just a pip punk.

Yes. … Love we must have
and love we must find
“Dear God, let him be smart and ever-so kind.”

It does not matter where some book says that you’re from
True love is rarely ever, never ever hum-drum.

Love is the thing, don’t you see and agree?
Happy or cry-ey, whatever will be
For love, Dear Love
it is up to us; up to you and up to me.

So … what do we do with the likes of these two?
Sally Sue and You-know-who.
We can’t just leave them in their dejected milieu
Yes, we know their love is true blue.




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